What is the Cetacea Commonwealth?

The Cetaceans are the dolphins and whales. This formal name for whales and dolphins is derived from the Latin Cetus. meaning "whale".  

A Cetacean Commonwealth is being created that seeks formal legal recogntion of the Cetacean sentience and intelligence and to afford the dolphins and the whales rights and due process under human laws.

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If If you click here you will here a portion of Dolphin Valentine, a demonstratino of converting dolphin sounds to MIDI form.

Recently, we attended the Lawful Hawaiian Government's Constitutional Convention as Ambassadors of the Cetacean Nation.

See Cetacean Commonwealth presentation (excerpted here)

**Applause! ** An important milestone was passed in the protocol process of the Cetacean Nation gaining recognition from the United Nations. This past weekend, a devout group here in Hawaii, Michael Hyson, Paradise Newland and Napier Marten, appeared before the legislative body for the Sovereignty Movement and submitted a constitutional article for consideration to be placed into the written bylaws of the reinstated, Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the support of this project, for lending their time and energy along with their passion and commitment to further the cause of gaining sovereignty recognition for the Cetacean Nation. Now it's a matter of public record and complies with the first and second of the seven-step proposal for international recognition by the UN. Every little piece combines to make the whole synergistic system come alive. Nice going dolphinpeeps!

- We wrote a proposed amendment to their Constitution, suggesting the recognition of the Cetacea as a People, with the rights of Citizens.

Paradise read the following document to the assembled body:


Proposed Amendment
to the Constitution of
the Lawful Government of Hawai'I


Article I. The Rights of Citizens

 Section 4. Recognition of the Cetacea as a Sovereign People -the Cetacean Nation

a) Whereas the Kingdom of Hawai'I resides in a unique sacred region of land and sea; and whereas we recognize both our dominion and stewardship of our precious environment, whose sustenance and wellbeing are fundamental to the manifestation of all the rights of the people of Hawai'I previously stated; therefore, all effects of our actions on our Kingdom and environment will be wisely considered out to the seventh generation to insure the continued wellbeing of our 'aina and waters.

 b) Whereas the Cetacea (whales and dolphins) are an ancient race of intelligent, sentient beings, who have been the friends and helpers of mankind for millennia, we hereby accord to the Cetacea the status of a Sovereign People as the Cetacean Nation, whose citizens are, therefore, entitled to the same rights as are accorded our own citizens, as honored guests of the Kingdom of Hawai'I, when residing in our waters. Henceforth, the Kingdom of Hawai'I recognizes the Cetacean Nation, and its right to enter into treaties, establish embassies, appoint ambassadors, and, in short, perform all activities of a Sovereign Nation.

 c) The Kingdom of Hawai'I hereby establishes diplomatic relations with the Cetacean Nation through their appointed representatives, both human and cetacean, and through direct communications with the Cetacean citizens themselves, and will enter into treaties and perform other actions as deemed necessary to the recognition of the Cetacea as a People and a Nation.

 d) We extend our Aloha to the Cetacean Nation. The rights to liberty and life in a clean environment of all living Cetacea will be held sacred; their rights to travel, their right to free assembly, and their right to practice their cultures freely in Hawai'ian waters, will be honored.

 e) The Kingdom of Hawai'I will be a friend and ally of the Cetacean Nation and support the extension of their rights to all waters of the Earth, and in the halls of Mankind everywhere, for all time.

 f) We reserve the right to extend similar rights to other peoples as well as the right to promulgate other measures to assure the wellbeing of our environment and our right relationship with it, as the need may arise.


Our Podner, Napier Marten, had recently returned from Australia. While there, Napier participated in an initiation where Right Whales were called using digeridoo's. The whales came and danced before the Nulaboor cliffs for hours!

After the ceremony, the Miring people of south central Austalia presented Napier with a pale green worked stone from one of their sacred sites, which is 100, 000 to 120,000 years old, and shaped like the island of Hawai'I.

As part of the presentation that Paradise Newland, Napier, and myself, made on behalf of the Cetacean Nation, Napier.gave the stone as a gift from the Cetacean Nation to the Hawaiian Nation, to the current Monarch of Hawai'I, John Kekoa Lake. Thus the oldest people from the oldest land gave a sacred gift to the newest nation residing on the newest land of Hawai'i.

As Napier said "Now I know why I am here and what the last six years of my life has meant."

This is the first time, as far as we are aware, where the Cetacean Nation participated at an international level.

The Cetacean Nation concept was created by Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D. and associates. Many of us are working on making it a full reality.  We now call it the Cetacean Commonwealth.

So, one of our gifts to you John, for all that you have given us, is the beginning of the recognition of the Cetacea as sentient beings under human laws. We recently participated in an on-line conference honoring Dr. Lilly.  Our written presentation may be found here.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the creation of the Cetacean Commonwealth.

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