*Domestic Harmony Awareness*

November 6, 2010 

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The Domestic Harmony Awareness/Action Initiative


To celebrate our 13th year anniversary

Come to Kalapana at Uncle Robert's Kava Club
Sunday, November 11, from 11am - 4pm.


For Immediate Release November 5, 2012

For further information please contact:
Star Newland; planetpuna@yahoo.com; 896 8658.

Domestic Harmony is 13 years old now!

The Domestic Harmony Awareness*Action Initiative invites the community to an Eruption of Domestic Harmony in Kalapana at Uncle Robert's Kava Club, Sunday, November 11, from 11am - 4pm. to celebrate our 13th year anniversary.

At 11:11 Andrew will offer a prayer for our Warriors and Veterans in honor of their service, followed by a minute's silence as we send out our prayers.

A proclamation from Mayor Billy Kenoi will be read honoring Pahoa's13th. Year anniversary as the Home of Domestic Harmony.

Organizer Star Newland says, "We had been developing and deepening the model of Domestic Harmony Awareness when a few years ago the idea came to have Eruptions, celebrations of Domestic Harmony that actively involve the community. What better place to celebrate than Kalapana, close at hand to the lava flowing. We gather together to share our "Books of Wisdom", our gifts. Everyone has a gift, even being a good listener is a gift for example.

Some of what is planned:

Craft tables. You're invited to bring your gift whether it is lei making or weaving, jewelry making, painting. Learn from others and pass on your talents too. We have plenty of tables to lay out your gifts, and share with others.

We offer the Bee Buddy Honeybee paint a hive project, making bee hives colorful and attractive; meet the honeybees and learn all about them at our demonstration hive.

Keikis for keikis: how seeds become plants (bring organic starts or organic seeds to share and we provide more), a popular hands on event to plant honeybee friendly plants.

Paint Domestic Harmony t-shirts for keiki and adults. Bring a T-shirt from home to redecorate and recycle. We'll have new ones to paint on too. Supplies provided.

Prepare to be in the Pahoa Holiday Parade December 1, as Pahoa Celebrates our 13th. year as the Home of Domestic Harmony.

Remember that little changes add up quickly when done by many.

Great local music featuring:

Princess Keli'iho'omalu and friends

Randy Mattos, Ambassador of Domestic Harmony

... and lots of fun!

Free bumper stickers for 'Just Say Yes to Domestic Harmony'

Green ribbons and birthday cake too!

For further information see: www. Planetpuna.com

Also see: MORE on Domestic Harmony Awareness


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