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September 9, 2006

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National Women’s Health Month Program

Presented by Star Newland

Pahoa Family Health Center
September 13, 2006 from 5 to 8pm

(in the Board room in back of clinic)


Birth educator Elena Tonetti’s latest DVD, "Birth as We Know it" will be shown

(See Film Trailer here)

Midwife/doula Malu Landt will speak about the importance of domestic harmony as it relates to safe gestation, gentle birth and good birth outcomes.

See her video presentation here:    HERE

Malu (Martha) Landt - video
(Right Click and "Savc Link as" to download)

(Intro shows a few scenes from "Birth As We Know It")

Dr. Laura Moire M.D., Emergency Room physician will discuss the importance of domestic harmony and women’s and society’s wellbeing from the perspective of an E.R. physician.  


Star Newland, Puna district Committee member will present:

"The Importance of Domestic Harmony and Women’s and Society’s Wellbeing"
“How we think is what we get”

Learn different techniques to help gain more empowerment in helping your body stay well as you master an awareness of domestic harmony and how to create more.
Star also addresses the use of language to help create greater levels of harmony, wellbeing and higher levels of functioning.

See Ms Newland's video presentation HERE   

Star Newland - Video
(Right Click and "Savc Link as" to download)

Light refreshments will be served

Sponsored by:  
Hawaii County Committee on the Status of Women

Please call 896 8658
See:   www.planetpuna.com/dharmony
for more information.

Mahalo nui loa,

Star Newland


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