Birth of John Kehena Newland Lucy

One fine day at a beach in Hawai'i, there were some 300 Spinner dolphins waiting in the bay while Paradise Newland walked barefoot down the cliff path to the beach to give birth with the dolphins, in the sea.

As the delivery began, our RN delivery nurse, Barbara, found that the baby was coming out one foot first - a "footling" presentation. So, we had to deliver the child on land.

A friend, Nirabra, had been swimming with the dolphins for about an hour and a half. They were friendly, zooming by within inches, suckling their babies and making love around him. Then, a pregnant dolphin approached. Her amnionic sac broke, and the baby's tail started to come out. Obviously, the dolphins has choosen to show him the birth. Nirabra was grateful for this, yet chose to leave, thinking that this precious event ought to be kept private for the dolphins.

As he swam to the shore, he thought to himself "This is the best day of my life, what could possibly top this?" at which point, he saw Paradise coming down the cliff path. He said "this lady is having a baby, I'll help". As it happened, Nirabra held Paradise for much of the birth. So we know, by direct observation, that there was a dolphin baby born within some 15 minutes of her baby.

Below are some pictures taken during the birth. If you click on a picture, it will show a larger version.

Above, the baby is being delivered

Above, the baby is delivered and being cleaned up and wrapped

from left: M. Hyson, Nirabra, Paradise, Oona; foreground: Barbara

JK & Nirabra

The placenta, which was offered to the sea

Jack Orr, from Oahu, came to the beach to spearfish. The dolphins were around him for an hour or so. Toward the end of his swim, he saw the Mom dolphin and her new baby. The first thing he saw as he came to the beach was Paradise giving birth.

After things had calmed down a bit, he came over to Paradise, laid the fish at her feet and said "What a day, you can have the fish". The top one is a Unicorn fish, and the bottom a Parrot fish, or Uhu. They were delicious later at a feast after the birth.

All was well with Mom and baby. After resting, Paradise walked with the baby up the cliff and we went home for a celebration.