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February 2, 2005

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Walking After Midnight

This Saturday, Feb 5th at 4 pm, at the Palace Theater, the Hilo Premiere screening of the movie by this very talented, newbee resident, Big Island film maker, Jonathan Kay, titled, “Walking After Midnight,” a dynamic Re-incarnation – Past Lives movie with, Martin Sheen, Willie Nelson, Dennis Weaver, James Colburn, and the Dalai Lama , to name a few, and music by George Harrison, Willie Nelson, KD Lang, the Beatles, Patsy Cline, Jim Hendrix, etc.

This movie, WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT was so well-received in Canada, that it's evolved into a 26 part series for television. And the movie was “sold out,” receiving rave reviews during it’s premiere in Kona.

We expect the same response in Hilo, so be there early at the Palace Theater box office before 4 pm, Saturday, or Sunday, at 6 pm.

There are no advance ticket sales.

Audience are encouraged to come, “Dressed As You Were!”

For this premiere, Jonathan Kay, the director – producer will be on hand to introduce his movie and his newest movie project, soon to be filmed, titled, Na Na’ia – the Dolphins! www.dolphinmovie.com He is interested in speaking with anyone who has had profound experiences with dolphin encounters that he could possibly use, as re-inactments in his movie.

Jonathan is also interested in meeting investors to support funding needs for his movie that he feels certain will accomplish raising public conscious-care & care-giving towards these beautiful peace-loving, endangered creatures.

Anyone with contacts for his dolphin movie, please email me or call 965-0441, and if before Saturday, I'll email an invitation to specific contacts to attend the Hilo "invitation-only" Premiere Party on Saturday at 6:30 pm, or they may see me to receive their "invitations" at the Premiere show on Saturday.

So, attend, the movie, “WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT,” on:

Saturday, 4 pm, Feb. 5th


Sunday, 6pm, Feb. 6th.

Jonathan will introduce his movie and take audience questions & answers after both Saturday & Sunday screenings.


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