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The Aloha Planet


Thank you for your interest in our community! 

Welcome to *PlanetPuna*

Our Intention

*PlanetPuna* brings to our Puna ohana (kin circle) technologies that establish new and novel  connections between *Puna* and the rest of the world.  This is achieved by combining  webmastering skills by Puna people with the furthering of local/coconut community enterprises.

Situated in *Pahoa*, the heart of Puna

*PlanetPuna* Cyber Cafe at JoMama's

... is the centre of our public access services, where residents may promote:

*Products and Services*       *Community Activities* 

*Culture and Thinking*        *Local Community Resources*

and more ...

*PlanetPuna* provides education, facilities and access; *local ohana  and visitors* take home new opportunities, resources and skills to be used in their own enterprises.  In addition, users are able to access information on "what is out there" in:

*Science*                                            *Business*

*Education*                                         *Technology*

and so much more ...


*PlanetPuna* and The Community

It is exciting to discover how Puna, in the heart of old Hawai'i, and the World-Wide Web present a unique environment to make its contribution to Puna's local network a brilliant success: From our domain we are part of the cyber or virtual or global community.  People from around the world can click into Hawai'i,  find *PlanetPuna*, and directly connect with folks here.

Through the sites established by our access facilities, visitors can set up virtual or real  visits with a local ohana; or contact people whose work they saw on our *PlanetPuna* websites; or become acquainted with our *products and producers*; or bring their children and participate in fun!-filled research projects with real *researchers and scientists* (our collaborators cover fields ranging from maritime biology and interface with dolphins to space, optometry, agriculture, language, music, art, medicine and so much more).

Our users may also come to meet you through our:

*Link Gallery*

...and find out who our contributors are, what do they do and how they contribute to facilitate what's here for them.

By establishing a multimedia access medium and promoting fun! transfer of technology to adults and children, *PlanetPuna* links community to cyberspace and facilitates opportunities to the local environment.

*PlanetPuna* is for Fun!

There is a greater ease in encountering novelty if it is enjoyable.

Recent research in fields as varied as education, neurobiology, and psychophysics has shown that, especially while learning, our state of mind is important.  Attention required for learning is activated by fun! excitement and free investigation enhancing personal growth and learning processes.

The application of this new insight currently takes place at the new learning centres accessible in this community and beyond called Camp Paradise 'pod' homes -  our home and neighbourhood based  learning facilities .   In response, *PlanetPuna* brings into reach a new educational environment based on technology and fun! available to all.

*PlanetPuna* is for local opportunities.

To energize this new channel for community access, *PlanetPuna* connects this learning environment to small and medium-scale local  (coconut) economy.

*PlanetPuna* introduces children and adults to new and fun 'toys/tools', placing them directly at the fingertips of the local community. By providing that access and the skills necessary to master it, *PlanetPuna* establishes a synergism between education and the local initiative. Technology access leads to socially responsible local => GLOBAL initiatives. As a global community, we create tools proven to play a significant role in enhancing local enterprises.


a project of *Sirius Institute* and Camp Paradise

(founded by *Paradise Newland*, *Tiger Stanley* and *Dr. Michael Hyson* )

Welcome into our community.

*PlanetPuna* is a socially responsible educational/economic coconut/virtual Network.

*PlanetPuna* Community Access

Presently, *PlanetPuna* holds its public access at *Jo Mama's* Gourmet Cafe, downtown Pahoa.

As part of our Camp Paradise programme, we have been establishing  neighbourhood pod homes with their own *PlanetPuna's* so that keikis and their folks and others  have a good place to come to to learn and do all these things that we are offering and to deepen their connections with each other.

As part of our *Webmaster Skills Outreach Program*, *PlanetPuna* also aims to establish *mobile providers* across the district  to be equipped with computer units to visit  local neigbourhood's on a regular basis.

Our education programme includes the development of multi-media skills utilizing the latest multi-media software, game-driven touch-typing training, writing and math skills, as well as introduction to word-processing and information processing systems such as data bases and spreadsheets and more.

Designed to offer a well-rounded array of information processing tools and to create community awareness, our programme culminates with a certificate of completion and the opportunity of participating in our drive to provide successful participants with their own computer and internet access through our domain, *PlanetPuna*.

The success of our PEOPLE and the increased opportunities brought by their own endeavors provides encouragement to others in acquiring the skills we make available.  In this way, the mastery of this learning opportunity by keikis of all ages is topped by a true transfer of technology and resources, creating in each successful candidate a community representative ready to facilitate those interested in following in his or her foot steps. For more information on how to participate in our programme, click here.

Multi-Media and Video Programmes

Through a generous gift of one of our benefactors, we have now ample capability to develop local video programmes to enhance our community's presence in the World-Wide Web.  We are presently researching appropriate facilities in which to locate those resources and put them to use for the community.  For more information about our video programme, click here.