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Would you like your very own planet?

One molded to your heart's desire?

*PlanetPuna* - is a cyber-planet/showcase for Puna. It connects us with each other and the globe... for fun; for our children; for learning, for liberty, for our future... The book: The Sovereign Individual shows we can maximize our liberty and wealth based on global near-light-speed communication.

*PlanetPuna* is creating a home for this new liberty. Puna is the farthest one can get from other land. Yet we are milliseconds from connecting to any point on Earth, for fun, learning, enterprise, or to connect locally.

We embrace all with Aloha: writers, artists, musicians, photographers, farmers, fishers, business ... everyone... can join Puna's Aloha cyber-planet and add to its diversity - the Kanaka Maoli Nation; the people of Puna; and the whales and dolphins - the Cetacea Nation.

*PlanetPuna* offers a place, a voice, a 'coconut' community. See: the
Pahoa Watch, the County Thursday Report, and other NEW! sections, updated daily to weekly.

We plan an up-to-date data base of Puna people, interests and enterprises. Our concerts are a gift to the community and we are building toward live streaming audio and video capability. Soon, we will have web-broadcast interspecies concerts with the Cetacea as part of our goal of "dolphinizing" the planet through the integration the Cetacea into our societies and raising our consciousness to their levels.

*PlanetPuna* grew from our home education project - Camp Paradise - designed to facilitate children's natural learning capacity using fun.

*PlanetPuna* is a project of the
Sirius Institute.

Sirius Institute

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Sirius Institute, founded by Paradise Newland, is dedicated to the creation of human/dolphin co-creative habitats where dolphins and people can learn from each other through music, underwater birth, and dolphin sound healing and restoration. Further material is on our website at www.planetpuna.com. Go to the Index and follow the Sirius Institute link.

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