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Elterninitiative Wasserbabies e.V and The AquaLife Institute

proudly present

International Dolphin School

03. - 07. Jan 2006 Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico


Scientific Exchange on an International Level on Primary Education, Sensory Integration, Interspecies Communication and Healing

Elterninitiative Wasserbabies e.V. ( in co-operation with the AquaLife institute has scheduled an international symposium with scientists, specialists and organisations in the fields of cetacean research, interspecies communication, primary education, sensory integration, neuropaedagogic research, health promotion through water training and movement, birth and healing.

It is to take place in Boca de Tomatlan (, a small, beautiful bay away from tourism in the South of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Elterninitiative Wasserbabies e.V. is a non-profit organisation founded in 1995. Its goals lie in the primary health sector as well as in the social sector, with particular reference to family support by parent child encounters, early baby swimming, and preparation for swimming with dolphins.

The Aqualife Institute ( ) specialises in the promotion of health and human development by watertraining, interspecies communication, man-dolphin contacts, sensory integration disorders and reintegration of socially disadvantaged, mentally and physically handicapped children.

The goal of this symposium playshop is an intercultural exchange, in partnership with cetaceans as well. Many round table conferences and encounters with whales and dolphins are planned within these few days.

Please refer to the respective websites for more information on the participants and their respective organisations.

  1. Dr. Horace Dobbs
  2. Ryan Demares Ph.D. Author and interspecies communication specialist (cetaceans)
  3. Star (Paradise) Newland and Michael Hyson Ph.D.
  4. Stephan Dalley
  5. Maren Ulfers
  6. Carmen de Alba Midwife, Mexico
  7. Carla Kopp, Healer Germany
  8. Clemens Kuby
  9. Shizuko Ouwehand
  10. Dean Bernal
  11. Jan Tritten
  12. Cornelia Enning
  13. Dr. Igor Charkovsky
  14. Elizabeth.Battenberg
  15. Digvijay Chaudhuri
  16. Jessica Ranneck
  17. Birgit Baader, Author
  18. Professor Werner Lauff dipl. Ing. Uni. Hamburg
  19. Baby Signs
  20. Olga Neuhaus Specialist on Infant and child learning
  21. Gajanan Kelkar India,
  22. Midwives Tulun
  23. Urban Kordes dolphin researcher, physicist, Philosopher
  24. Eduardo Lugo
  25. Maurico and Rebecca Wild, founders of Freie Aktive Schule
  26. Glenn Doman Institute
  27. Timothy Wyllie
  28. Guenther Haffelder
  29. Roberta Goodman Founder, Dolphin School, Hilo
  30. Marina Alzugaray
  31. Jim Nollman
  32. Elena Tonetti



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