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Guests of the Hawaiian People

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Sirius Institute Appearance on the

Jeff Rense Radio Program

October 11, 2004 7-9 PM PDT

See www.rense.com for details

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for October 11, 2004 8-10 PM PDT

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Our complete article is at: Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

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The interview is about our work on DNA & Dolphins
as featured in Chapter 12 of:

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
edited by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

You may order the book from:

1- 888-508-4787 ($29.15)

Office hours are 7:30-4:30 PDT


order on the web from:

22 Gypsy Bay Road, Sagle, ID 83860
208-265-2575 (FAX)


You can also take advantage of our special packages for this show:


DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (reg. price $29.15 plus shippiing)  
Holy Harmony CD of healing music (reg. price $16.95 plus shippiing)  
Both the Book and CD (reg.price $46.10 plus shippiing) $40.00 (plus shipping)


Holy Harmony and Cetacea CD package:


Holy Harmony (reg price $16.95 plus shippiing)  
Cetacea CD (reg price $14.95 plus shippiing) $25.00 (plus shipping)




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