Voice of the Dolphin

May 22, 2004

19th Anniversary Issue


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The Cetacea

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Goals & Projects

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Sirius Connection Highlights





By Paradise Newland

How to Raise a Dolphin Conscious Child www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/DolphinChild.htm

Telepathy's Gift - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/TelepathyGift.htm

What Zero Means to Me - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/zero.htm

Language Sculpting - A Living Technology www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/LanguageSculpting.htm

Harmony in Paradise - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/Harmony.htm

How to Live "En Pod" See: - www.planetpuna.com/EnPod.htm

Wellness begets Wellness - www.planetpuna.com/Wellness/Wellness.htm

By Michael Hyson

Hyson, M.T., Newland, S., Dolphin Attended Birth and Dolphin Assisted Therapy in Hawaii, 2006.
See: http://www.planetpuna.com/Dolphin-Birth-Hawaii/index.htm

Hyson, M. T., The Precocious Human Baby, Sirius Institute, 2005.
See: http://www.planetpuna.com/Precocious/index.htm

Hyson, M.T., Transformation – strategies for improving the planet, 2005.

Hyson, M. T., Dolphins, Therapy and Autism, Sirius Institute, 2003.

Why a water birth protects the baby’s brain
See: www.planetpuna.com/Brain-Size-Birth

Children, Drugs, the "Ice" Problem – and ways out
See: www.planetpuna.com/ice

Dolphin-Assisted Brain Healing Study -www.planetpuna.com/run/Brain%20Study.htm

A Proclamation - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/newproclamation.htm

The Aquatic Ape, Sirius Institute, 2004.
See:  www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/AQApe.htm

Sirius Institute Eclipse Project -www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/EclipseReport.htm

Eye of Horus - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/newEye%20of%20Horus.htm

Eye Movements and Neural Remapping During the Fusion of Misaligned Random Dot Stereograms - Michael T. Hyson

JPL Electrostatic Levitator For Zero-G Materials Processing www.planetpuna.com/Levitation/P-00.htm

1978 CalTech Space Settlement Conference, Michael Hyson (Editor)

Preserving Paradise - www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/sustain-1.htm

Risks of Geothermal Power - www.planetpuna.com/geothermal/geothermal%20risks.htm

Critique of Geothermal Power www.planetpuna.com/geothermal/geothermal%20critique.htm

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Part IV.  Sirius Connection Highlights


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