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July 21, 2006

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JULY 21, 2006

For further Information please contact:

Star Newland: 808 965 9667, cell: 896 8658
Dr. Michael Hyson: 965 1892

Mayor Harry Kim proclaims ˜July Whales Great and Small Appreciation Month and July 23, 2006 Whales Great and Small Appreciation Day"

Local dolphin/whale/space research consortium the Sirius Institute announced today a proclamation by Mayor Kim in appreciation of the whales great and small(dolphins)according to group founder, Star Newland.

"We wanted to get a message of appreciation out by the Mayor and County of Hawai'I during the month of July while the RIMPAC exercises were taking place in Hawaiian waters.

We especially feel that it is important to secure support on behalf of the whales and dolphins along with other ocean life.

To our Hawaiian ohanas the whales hold a special place as amakua and ancestors. We wanted this recognized in the proclamation."

Further support came in the form of a resolution presented by Puna Councilman Gary Safarik regarding the use of sonar in Hawaii waters during the RIMPAC exercises. In a strong show of unity the County Council passed it unanimously July 19.

Text of this and Mayor Kim's document can be seen on the newly redone www.planetpuna.com as well as in the Sirius Coffee Connection in Pahoa, across from Seven Eleven where they will be on display.

The proclamation and resolution will be read around 11:20 Sunday morning July 23, 2006 at the Sirius Coffee Connection.

Plans are underway to do a live podcast(a cyber broadcast) which can be picked up on www.planetpuna.com through the participation of CosmicWavesRadio.com.

Whale lovers and other members of the public are invited to attend and hear Dr. Michael Hyson, Research Director of the Sirius Institute and Star Newland talk story about the effects of sonar and what people can do to help preserve the wellbeing of our whales and dolphins. There will be other guest speakers and songs of the humpback whales will be played.

This is an outreach project of the Cetacean Commonwealth, dedicated to securing legal recognition and rights of the Cetacea (whales and dolphins).

For further information please go to www.planetpuna.com.



Mayor Kim's Proclamation
July as Whales Great and Small Appreciation Month
July 23, 2006 as Whales Great and Small Appreciation Day

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County Council of Hawai'I's
Resolution Opposing Use of Tactical Mid-Frequency Active Sonar in the Conduct
the 2006 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Anti-submarine Warfare Exercises
in the Hawaiian Islands

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