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November 7, 2006

An Eruption of Domestic Harmony from
Pahoa, and Captain Cook, Hawai'I

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Pahoa accepts designation as the home of Domestic Harmony

The board of Mainstreet Pahoa voted recently to accept the designation of  

"Pahoa as the home of Domestic Harmony".

In a unanimous vote the board accepted the motion after hearing from Vice-President Star Newland that Pahoa was the birthplace of domestic harmony awareness six+ years ago when the first events were held with Angel Festivals and Bay Clinic.

" Since this was initiated here we have seen our outreach grow and grow beyond Pahoa to East Hawaii , island wide, to other islands, other states and now other countries," reported Ms. Newland. "We started with just a few people involved or even interested then to now when we are touching many thousands". The Governor, Mayor and County Council have offered support through the proclamations they have provided.

" Looking at the recent articles in our local papers reveals an underlying trend towards more violence starting with our children. Research shows a distinct linkage between domestic violence and drug and alcohol issues. It just makes sense morally, socially and economically that whatever we can do to bring more harmony to our lives and communities will reduce these related problems associated with domestic violence," continued Ms Newland.

For those reasons this is the year of the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative 2006 which includes local music events, literacy activities, skits for intermediate and high school students about changing language to change outcomes, art for youth. Giveaways include the "Wearin' o' the green" neon green ribbons, and "Just say Yes to Domestic Harmony" bumper stickers, harmony t-shirt art projects, and prizes for the entries in the t-shirt and poster harmony art event at the Domestic Harmony Awareness Day concert at Kea'au Village Market, on November 11, 2006 from 10:30 to 4/pau.

The safe baby resolution coming before this new legislative session is about changing policy it add as addresses some of the more root causes of domestic violence - the violent gestations and births that many of our babies continue to be subject to.  This is being introduced in at least 4 states and four countries. Gentle births more often lead to more gentle babies.

The kick-off event for Domestic Harmony Awareness Month will be at Shaka's Nightclub in Pahoa Village , November 9, between 4 and 7 pm.

Pule by Ernie Cruz, dedicating Pahoa to domestic harmony.

Entertainment featuring local icons Puna Keliihoomalu and Friends, Lola, Andrew and Ray, Max and Friends of the Red Road and other performers.

Members ofThe public are welcome to join for open mic night.

Interested in more details please call: Star Newland 896 8658
Email: planetpuna@yahoo.com; Go to www.planetpuna.com/dharmony

throughout the month to keep up to date on proclamations, upcoming events and how you can be involved.


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