*Domestic Harmony Awareness*

November 3, 2006 

An Eruption of Domestic Harmony from
Pahoa, and Captain Cook, Hawai'I

Domestic Harmony Awareness


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Sirius Institute

We are Guests of the Hawaiian People

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Where: Shaka's Nightclub in Pahao Village

When: 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9

Details: Domestic Harmony Awareness Month kick-off event ... Come one,
come all and join us for a fun celebration for Pahoa town,recently
designated home of domestic harmony.
The first event for Domestic Harmony Awareness Month will start with
Pule by Pastor Ernie Cruz.

Featuring local icon, Puna Keliihoomalu and Friends, Max and Friends of the Red Road, Andrew, Epe, Ray, and other local performers.

Members of the public are welcomed to join in for an open mic night.

Interested in more details please call: Star Newland 896 8658
Email: planetpuna@yahoo.com;

Go to www.planetpuna.com/dharmony throughout the month to keep up to date on upcoming events and how you can be involved.

Contact: Star Newland, 896 8658, planetpuna@yahoo.com,


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