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Domestic Harmony Awareness

Poster Contest & Concert

Mahalo Letter

In the Spirit of Aloha

On behalf of *PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet and Bay Clinic Healthy Intentions we would like to express our deep appreciation for the many individuals and groups who came together in the Spirit of Domestic Harmony and Aloha to create our wonderful "November is Domestic Harmony Awareness Month" poster contest and gathering along the theme "Harmony Begins within", at the Akebono Farmers Market, Sunday, November 9, 2003.

Mahalo to Sal, Kimo and Luquin's for use of Akebono Farmers Market, Congressman Ed Case, Mayor Harry Kim, State Representative Helene Hale, County Councilman Gary Safarik, Emily Iwalani Naeole, Mayor's Commission on Domestic Violence, Mainstreet Pahoa, Pahoa Natural Foods, Cash and Carry, Neighborhood Place of Puna, Ebusagawa Flowers, Three Mongoose video productions, Jay Kimura and Mitchell Roth -Prosecutor's Office, Sue Nozaki, CD Wizard, and Na Po'e Hoa 'Aina.

The following performers shared their aloha through music:

Dave Seawater and Friends, Randy Mattos and Landslide, Tony Selvage.

Technical support from:

Michael Hyson -*PlanetPuna*, Dale - Mobile Light and Sound, John Durkin.

An especial Mahalo to Restaurant Kaikodo for the luncheon for our poster contest winners.


Mahalo nui loa,


Paradise Newland

*PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet

Ginny Aste - Bay Clinic

Healthy Intentions


1990-2004 by *PlanetPuna*, Sirius Institute & Sirius Connection 420
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