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A Brief History

After her March 1985 dolphin swim with Joe and Rosie, Paradise was inspired to incorporate the Sirius Connection 420 upon her return home to Vancouver, B.C. The name Sirius derives from legends of several ancient cultures that amphibious beings from Sirius (that may be the cetacea) taught humanity the arts of civilization.

In January 1987, in Vancouver, B.C., Paradise Newland created a plan for an organization to "dolphinize" the planet by creating habitats for living with dolphins and other cetacea where we could explore dolphin attended human birth and child rearing, and interspecies communication. This plan included an interspecies communications/research group which was given the name
Sirius Institute, out of the Sirius Connection 420.

In January, 1990, Michael Hyson met her and her son Tiger, in Malibu at John Lilly's home. After they discovered their common love of dolphins and other areas of interest they decided to work together and the goal of "Humanizing Space" was added. They attended the Key West Institute of Cetology (KWIC) Conference, March to April, 1990, and planned for the human/dolphin habitat and a research program.

Over December to January, 1991, the partners, including Tiger Stanley (Ms. Newland's son) Michael Hyson and newly added partner Musician Charles Lucy, relocated to Maui to further develop dolphin habitats and create the Song Swimmer musical communication interface, and with underwater speakers, this was tested for use in interspecies music projects.

On July 11, 1991, we were on the Island of Hawai'i for the great solar eclipse. Our first dolphin habitat was established on Kehena Beach. Dolphins came to Kehena for 5 hours that day. On February 14, 1992, we recorded dolphins at the Hyatt Regency Waikaloa and created the first "dolphin music" [Available as the tape "Dolphin Valentine"]. Later that week we presented this work at the 3rd International Whale and Dolphin Conference (I.C.E.R.C), Kona, Hawai'i. John Lilly praised the work as "excellent and exciting".

On August 18, 1992, John Kehena Newland Lucy was born to Charles and Paradise on Kehena Beach with 200-300 dolphins nearby and giving birth to one of their own. Much of the group's focus since their arrival in Puna has been the creation/establishment of a dolphin conscious community, where many are involved in interactions with free cetacea in one fashion or another.

Now, after years of learning to be with the free dolphins here, we are planning a research vessel for use in ocean based research with full music, communication, birthing facilities, and virtual reality gear aboard.

January 7-8, 1997

Sirius Institute in cooperation with James Sanger (UK), Capt. Donald Bill (Maui),
and Nixy Rickles (, played the first Harrison/Lucy tuned music to the Humpbacks. A CD is in the process of being produced.

July 11, 1997

First complete homepage is uploaded.

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