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Cetacean/Human Interspecies Concerts

Prospectus Summary

We will produce the first interspecies concerts of dolphins, whales (the Cetacea) and humans playing music together -.

They will be recorded in true underwater binaural sound. Profits from a hit record of this nature will be substantial.

Part of the dolphins' and whales' communication is musical. With our Song Swimmer interface, developed by Dr. Hyson, Cetacea play MIDI instruments directly with their voices. You can experience this by listening to our "Dolphin Valentine".

NIXY, at Cybernaut Media, a Podner of the Sirius Institute, has created an interspecies composition combining her music with our "Dolphin Valentine" dolphin MIDI music.

See it here:

She is part of our team developing Interspecies Concerts

We can tune our music for the dolphns and whales in their natural scales by using Harrison/Lucy scale technology developed by Charles Lucy.

We have designed a system for underwater binaural recordings and tested the Song Swimmer Interface. We are ready to build dolphin/ whale/ human concert systems for either poolside use with service dolphins or for use on boats with free dolphins and whales.

Means are now available to link whale and dolphin sounds to the Internet using wireless links and broadband. We have a locations in Hawai'i that provide easy access to both the whales and the net, either from the shore or from boats.

Software has improved so that we can extract from Cetacean sounds a full formant tracked representation of their output. which will convert their sounds to a full orchectral representation.

Full prospectus available with agreement of confidentiality.

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