The Dolphinization

of the Planet

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Two major goals of the Sirius Institute are to Dolphinize the Planet and to Humanize Space. Dolphinization is the raising of the consciousness of humans to the level of the dolphins and to integrate the Cetacea (dolphins and whales) into the cultures of the Earth.

When this is achieved, we will have a planet with two major sentient species in harmony and cooperation. We and the Cetacea have been, and can become again ... Co-species.

In ancient Greece, dolphins were revered as the highest of creation in physical form who sought friendship with humans, swam with the children, helped the people fish and guided their ships. The word Philadelphia comes from the roots philos (love) and delphi (dolphin). Therefore, Philadelphia, generally translated as "brotherly love" also means "love of dolphins". We who have had the great privilege of being close to dolphins know that they are loving, helpful, intelligent beings with marvelous capabilities.

Dolphinization of the Planet will end the "great loneliness" spoken of by Loren Eisley and find a great oneness, which many have sought, with the dolphins and Cetacea as friends and companions on our journey through the vast Universe as we become space-faring and move into the solar system and the galaxy.

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