The Sirius Connection 420  

The Origins of the Sirius Connection

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by Paradise Newland

Act one, scene 1.
The Gathering of the Partners of the Sirius Institute is called for 11/23/92. We have a group of highly creative, committed individuals in intense meeting with each other as they come together to work out the next stages of the dolphinization of the planet. The last several months since the most recent partners were added have seen each person off on their completion orbits, collecting the various elements and components to go forward with the various projects of the Institute. The presence of the Institute in the community is well received, the ohana feeling in the Puna area is open and friendly. This extends beyond as well through personal contacts as well as internet contacts around the world.
To date, the Institute has had a week long habitat at the black sand beach known as Kehena. Here, the dolphins came in to greet them and show up regularly to swim with the people. Sometimes they even come right into the shoreline so the children can play with them.
One of the functions of the Institute is to be a connector amidst the global grid link-up. As per the Sirius Connection 420, the Mother ship. Part of the work of the partners is to make contact with all the pod members and bring them on-line. This means getting closely involved with the partners and remembering what their part is in the dolphinization of the planet and the humanization of space, and then being the complement so that their vision can be brought forward, made real.
August 15, 1992. Update. Joy is exciting her next child. Plans are underway to be in our new home, along the ocean, with our own natural heated pools, in the home of the Sirius Institute. The dolphins are coming and going freely as they each come in to meet face to face their human partners. The habitat is a real time place at the former DeLuz property and area where the interface between us and our ohana of the sea is being openly explored. We are having lots of fun sharing our respective domains. The Virtually Real, Virtual Reality system that we are creating with our partners allows the experience to be widely spread and easily accessible to any who wish contact. We have an abundance of resources to facilitate this.
The pulse of inspiration that brought all of this into being is the pulse of new life coming to this planet in the accompaniment of the dolphins. For all these years my guiding vision was the vision of beings emerging here, into the waters of the mother with dolphins gathered round to celebrate the arrival of the new ones. Joy very much wants to deliver this child this way and know complete fulfillment. This is one of the many projects that the Institute is currently involved with.
This home of the Sirius Institute is also the Embassy of the Cetaceans. It is a place where we bring our very finest in service to these beings who have given so much to us already. It is where we bring the beauty of technology with a heart to the service and wellbeing of all of humanity and the world. We are creating a new community along the coast called New Philadelphia. It is the meeting place for us as we come together as ohana, neighbours. The area is set up so that we share easy access with each other into our homes. Dolphins can come visit us, swim up a canal, into our living room, kitchen; or visit by the The VRVR. We initiate just being together and opening to our connection. We have this set up so that all the Cetacea who come to us come of their choice. We open the door (our heart) so they can come in.
October 14, 1992. John Lucy Kehena Newland was kissed awake by a wave at Kehena Beach on August 18, 1992 at 16:53 pm. He entered this world with one foot first as a footling presentation and was welcomed by a circle of love and dolphins offshore playing, suckling their young, making love and delivering one of their own. My son has a dolphin counterpart. He came in with one foot in this world and one foot in the other world. He is the bridge between the worlds.

As he was born I felt a crack, saw the opening take place as Barbara was helping him in, and godmom Gwennie heard the crack. Several weeks later, Estelle Myers was in Panama City Beach, Florida, where she accompanied a friend who then gave birth while swimming with the dolphins she had been swimming with daily for over three years.

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